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Technical Overview

FBW Fill-By-Weight Load Cell Based Filling Technology

Industries Served: Food -  Pharmaceutical – Cosmetic - Chemical


  • 4-20 litre  Bottles, Cans, Jugs, Bag in Box, Pails & Drums
  • On Skid – Totes, Drums, Pails & bulk transfer containers
  • Single station or automatic multiple filling platforms for high volume applications.


  • liquid flowables including products with solid inclusions.
  • Hot Fills with insulated hoppers & product agitation to maintain solids in suspension.
  • Custom units for filling volatile chemicals in hazardous environments with fume control exhaust systems. 

SDS Sanitary Design Series Construction for Food & Pharmaceutical Applications

Tool Free Tear Down for thorough cleaning & sanitation

Automatic Container Handling:

  • Custom conveyors to suit your application.
  • Individual containers are transferred & indexed by powered rollers, stainless steel chain or modular plastic conveyor to the load cell filling  platforms.
  • Heavy duty powered roller conveyers for on skid and bulk container applications.  

Fill By Weight:

  • Gravity fed Systems from client’s bulk supply or process tank
  •  Level controlled overhead supply tank integrated with the filling system.
  • The containers are elevated to allow the nozzles to enter the container for clean fills & reduced product turbulence & foaming.
  • When the fill cycle is finished the filled containers are lowered down onto the conveyor chain and transferred to secondary operations for capping, coding or labeling.

Operational Characteristics:

  • Bulk product is stored in overhead hoppers & gravity fed to the nozzles. 
  • The product path is smooth, large bore, sanitary tubing creating minimum resistance to optimize flow rates for high performance filling and gentle product handling.

2 Stage Filling Cycle:

  • Integrated FRV Flow Restrictor Valve enables fast filling for the bulk of the primary  fill volume and reduced flow rate for the final fill to ensure accurate fill weight .
  • The reduced product velocity as the container fills up for gentle product handling means less product degradation with minimal foaming or product aeration.

A wide selection of product nozzles are custom designed for virtually any filling application

Smooth filling with minimal product turbulence & and clean cut-off at the nozzle tip

                                 INNOVATIVE DESIGNS & TIME SAVING SOLUTIONS