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Mobile Pail & Drum Filler


FBW-P  JIT Just-In-Time Mobile Filling Station:

  • Filling Pails & Drums in a Specialty Lubricants Plant Tank Farm
  • The mobile filling station is towed to the bulk tank farm by the drum handler mobile lift truck where the containers to be filled are staged.
  • The on board variable speed PD pump is connected to the bottom outlet of the  bulk tank with a flexible tube & Kamlok Quick Disconnect couplings.

R-J Model FBW-DKP Mobile Filling Station to fill  Drums, Kegs & Pails

Mobile trailer with 2 x 12” rubber tired casters and two legs to faciltate mobility. The trailer is fitted with a tow bar and trailer hitch which will allow the trailer to be towed by the motorized drum handling apparatus.


The following components are mounted on the trailer:

  1. 600 lb  capacity 24” x 24” scale base with roller conveyor to weigh the 60 litre and 200 litre containers.  The drum & keg filling station will be 6 feet long consisting of a 24” scale station and a 48” section of roller conveyor bed to accumulate 2  filled drums. This will allow 3 drums to be on the filler before the operator must shift drums onto the skid.
  2. 100 lb  capacity Scale base to weigh the 20 litre pails with 16” wide roller conveyor on deck to transport filled container to the PLP Pneumatic Lid Press. The roller conveyor deck of the pail filler is set higher than the drum filler and will have an overall length of 66”.  This will allow a total of 3 pails to be filled and lidded before the operator must shift pails onto the skid.
  3. ITT-Jabsco Model A-2 Sanitary stainless steel lobe pump with a maximum pumping rate of 80 litres per minute c/w 1 HP Variable Frequency Drive.The programmable fill cycle will allow the fill rate to be optimized based on the flow and feed characteristics of individual products. The sanitary design of the pump allows the front face plate to be removed and the pump chamber to be flushed in a matter of minutes. The reliable pumping rate allows the fill rate and accuracy to be maintained regardless of product viscosities or head pressures varying due to tote levels. Pump to be mounted at one end of trailer for access.
  4. 20 litre reservoir tank to carry base product to flush the pump and nozzle assembly during product changeovers. The base flushing agent will be drawn from & returned to the reservoir tank. The on board cleaning station will allow a minimum of spillage and make for efficient product changeovers.
  5. 2 HP packaged air compressor c/w tank to provide compressed air to operate the Positive Acting Filling Nozzles, PDF Pneumatic Dip Fill and the PLP Pneumatic Lid Presser for the 20 litre pails.
  6. R-J Model QT-XP-1.5 Positive acting shut-off nozzle with mounting arm to allow the filling nozzle to be shifted from the pail filling scale to the drum scale. The PDF Pneumatic Dip Fill nozzle lift-lower air cylinder will allow the nozzle to enter the container during the fill cycle.  Flexible tubing will connect the fill nozzle to the product supply pump.
  7. R-J Model PLP Pneumatic Lid Press mounted over the 16“ roller conveyor with spring loaded air actuator lever and air filter, regulator, oiler.  
  8. R-J Model FBW-P Fill-By-Weight Pump control circuit mounted into a NEMA 12 enclosure. The Control Circuit will have the following features:
  • Mettler-Toledo Scale indicators for drum and pail filler scale bases.
    DRUM-PAIL selector switches.
  • The pump speed will be controlled with a Variable Frequency Drive which will allow the pump to be set to do a 2 stage fill.  A fast bulk fill sequence and slowing the pump down for the final fill to weight to ensure fill accuracy.
  • A pump reverse feature in the circuit will allow the pump to be reversed for a short cycle to back flush product that is left in the filling lines and pump.
  • Choice of pound or kilogram readout, and automatic tare for container weight.
  • Electrics 208/60/3 phase 20 Amps
  1. 4 x Flexible hoses c/w Kamlok couplings to suit coupling to the bulk tank
    c/w storage rack & drip tray.
  2. Heavy duty 8” X 3” tubular steel perimeter frame 150” long with a class 2 trailer hitch to be transported by the motorized drum handler.