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Hot Fill Systems




        EHMK  20 litre Electrically Heated Mixer Kettle

  • Interchangeable mixer tooling: Prop /Turbine/Sweep/Scraper.
  • VFD controlled Auger to move viscous products to the hopper outlet.
  • Heated pump heads and nozzle assemblies.

         2 X 10 litre  Electrically Heated Mixer Hoppers c/w lab mixer

  • Compact Table top unit with direct coupling to metering pump.

Hot Fills of Personal Care Products:

  • Custom built hot fill & cooling tunnel conveyor system designed to evaluate Hot Fill & Cooling technologies for deodorants & personal care related hot fill products.

Hot Filling of Topical Analgesic in deodorant style stick format     

  • Precision metering pump with synchronized nozzle movement to follow the container speed.
  • CTN Container Tracking Nozzle to fill the tube on the continuously moving conveyor chain.
  • HEPA  filtered recirculating air for the  cooling tunnel.
  • A smooth, continuous motion, variable speed, serpentine chain conveyor transports the hot filled barrels through the filling station and HEPA filtered cooling tunnel.                  

Hot Fill – Pharmaceutical  2 piece HGC Capsules

  • ACF Automatic Capsule Filler for 300 MF-30 10 x 30 Capsule Matrix.
  • Hot or cold filling of paste, oil or wax based products into 2 piece HGC Capsules.
  • Tooling from clients MF-30 12 x 25 format is filled with a moving heated nozzle assembly and computer controlled X-Y-Z axis.


ACF Automatic Capsule Filler for Profill 100  10 x 10 Capsule Matrix.

  • HGC Capsule Filler to fill hot fill products with a heated hopper assembly.
  • 6 litre capacity pressure  pot with a follower plate for  viscous products.
  • 2 sets of capsule tooling from clients ATG Profill 100 capsule filler are mounted on the  X-Y & Z Axis Robot filling deck to be indexed under the stationary filling nozzle.


Heated Nozzle & Pump Head Assemblies

  • Heated nozzle assemblies ensure correct product temperature throughout the fill cycle.  This is critical with many cosmetic products that may laminate at the wrong temperature.                                     • Electrically heated nozzle blocks & pump heads with precision temperature controls.
  • Heated & insulated flexible lines will maintain product temperature where the nozzle is remote from filler or is shifted from container to container.
  • Computer controlled X Y & Z axis movements for filling HGC Capsules in a tray. 


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