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Peristaltic Pump - Automatic Fillers



Peristaltic Filling & Metering Systems

  • Smooth Sanitary Product path with no mechanical restrictions.
  • Gentle Handling of Biologicals or Shear Sensitive products.
  • Automatic lines for Abrasive products, Cleansing Scrubs & Cleaners.
  • No Metal Contact Parts for specialty hair care products.

R-J Model PERI-MBUF-8  Pump Automatic Filler c/w Motorized Bottom Up Fill

  • 8 X Peristaltic Pump Assemblies - Quick Take Apart hardware for fast hose changes.
  • 1 HP Gearmotor with programmable VFD Variable Frequency Drive pump speed.
  • MBUF-Motorised Bottom-Up Fill nozzle movement with AC variable speed drive.
  • Programmable for Top Fill, Dip Fill & Bottom-Up filling.
  • Pneumatic  indexing gates with No Container – No Fill interlock circuit.
  • NCD Neck Centring Device to align container necks to ensure precise nozzle entry.
  • Embedded Controller with colour touch screen for programming main operating functions.

R-J Model RPDS-2X8  Roller Pump Dispensing System:

  • Designed to be integrated with client's vacuum packaging machine.
  • Adding Top & Bottom BBQ Sauce to rib packaging line.     
  • 2 banks of 8 Easy-Load roller pumps will meter sauce into the bottom and top of each 8 pocket tray.
  • All 16 pumps c/w drives will be mounted onto a stainless steel mobile stand.
  • 2 banks of 8 nozzles to suit the fill pattern will be mounted onto common nozzle bars mounted above the deck of the vacuum packaging machine.
  • Each bank of 8 pumps with independent  1/2 HP Stepper Motor drives.
  • Each bank of 8 pumps will have a sanitary inlet manifold to enable filling different products from each bank of 8 pumps. 
  • PLC Controlled circuitry in a NEMA 4 Resin control panel is mounted above deck level.
  • A Graphic Operator Interface to access &  program  Fill Volume & Filling Speed.