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FBW Automatic Jug Filling

FBW Fill-By-Weight Automatic 6 Nozzle 10 & 20 Litre Jug Filler

R-J Model FBW-E6A  Automatic Fill-By-Weight System to fill 10 & 20 litre plastic jugs. System is designed to operate in a localized Class 1 Division Hazardous Environment and is equipped as follows:

1 X Stainless Steel floor stand with leveling pads will support & integrate the 24 foot twin chain indexing  conveyor with transfer lugs, load cell based filling platforms support stand for the overhead 200 litre hopper.

1 X 200 litre capacity Type 304 Stainless Steel overhead hopper with 6  x 1 1/2” Triclamp outlets.

  • Triclamp mounted R-J Model QT-FRV Flow Restrictor Valves.  The FRV is adjustable to set the nozzle flow rate from the fast bulk fill to the slow fill cycle for the final fill weight.
  • High -Low Conductive Level controls will stop and start the client supplied transfer pump to maintain a constant level in the bulk tank.
  • An independent level control will sense an overfill condition and initiate an audible warning and signal the shut down of the bulk supply transfer pumping system.
  • Level Controls & bulk supply inlet connections are all Triclamp mounted.

6 X R-J Model QT-XP External poppet style 1” OD   positive acting shut-off nozzles with 1 1/2” Triclamp connections. Rigid stainless steel tubing will connect the nozzle to the FRV Flow Restrictor Valve mounted inside the overhead hopper. The nozzles are Stainless Steel with Viton elastomer seals. There is no flexible tubing between the overhead tank & nozzle

6    X    50 lb capacity Tedea Load Cells with Stainless Steel enclosures.  A Pneumatic elevating ramp will lift the 6  jugs off  the transfer conveyor chain  to  have the jugs positioned on the load cell based  weighing/filling stations. As the containers are elevated the fixed nozzles enter the container necks for the filling cycle.  After the fill cycle the 6 containers will be lowered down to the lugged twin chain conveyor for transfer to secondary operations.

1 X Control circuit to be mounted into a NEMA 4 enclosure with the following features:

  • BL-2600  Embedded Controller with color touch screen interface display;
  • Display for scale set point & final fill check;
  • Automatic tare check circuit to compensate for and verify weight of containers;
  • Dual set point  for 2 stage bulk & fine fill for precise fill weight;
  • AFK Automation Fill Kit to control all main functions with No Container- No Fill interlock;
  • VFD Variable Speed control for lugged twin chain transfer conveyor;
  • ON-OFF Main power switch   Electrics:  220/60/3 10 Amp operation;
  • Selector Switch for MANUAL/AUTOMATIC operation;
  • START FILL & CRASH STOP Pushbuttons.