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THH Twin 10 Liter Heated Hopper

R-J Model THH 2 x10 Litre Twin Heated Hoppers & Lab Mixer:

  • 2 X Stainless Steel  10 litre cone shaped hoppers
    with 3/4" Triclamp outlets.
  • 2 X Stainless steel plug valves to plug bottom outlet
    during mixing/processing.
  • Flexible connection to couple  hopper outlets
    to Precision Hibar Pump.
  • 2 X Stainless steel covers with mixer slots.
  • 2 X Cone shaped 400 watt heaters mounted
    inside a Stainless Steel insulating cover.
  • 2 X Temperature controllers to set operating temperature
    (0 to 100% operation) 
  • 38" wide  X 17"deep Tubular Stainless Steel table-top stand with leveling pads and stainless steel deck
    to support the 2 hoppers and heating elements.
  • Extended 1/2" Stainless steel post will be mounted on the rear support stand to suit mounting of
    a client specified Laboratory Style Mixer. 
  • Pump heater and Hopper Heater controls
    will be mounted on the support frames.