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Specialty Application Review


Custom Multi component filling

  • Food - Decorating baked goods, pastries, cakes, peanut butter & Jam.
  • Cosmetic Health & Beauty - Aloe & Cream, Scrub & Gel, color combinations.
  •  Custom Nozzles to create patterns with colored products - * Swirl  * Wave  * Layer  * Stripes.


  • Two Component Fill with PFP Programmable Fill Profile for full control over pump speed and nozzle positions to create the desired fill pattern in the container.
  • To create a Swirl Pattern the container is rotated during the fill cycle as the two pumps are filling through a twin tube nozzle assembly to simultaneously meter the products into the container. Unusual shaped containers can be pucked for ease of handling.  

      Stripe Pattern Nozzles

  • Two or 3 component fills to create a stripe or swirl pattern with different colors metered in precise proportions.


  • With PFP Programmable Fill Profile colored creams or gels could be layered vertically side by side into bottles or jars for a distinctive & unique presentation.   

Gas Injection Nozzle

  • Flooding the container with inert gas during the fill cycle to displace ambient air.
  • A narrow stainless steel tube running beside the nozzle will flood the gas into the container during the filling cycle.
  • Supply of regulated gas is synchronized with the filling cycle of the metering pump.