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MODEL SDS 4X250 AIV  4 Pump Filler with AIV Actuated Inlet Valves
to suit products with solid inclusions.

APPLICATION: Filling Food Trays for institutional feeding programs.

 The photo displays a system with 4 X 250 ml piston/cylinder sets with a 1 1/2”
 Triclamp outlet connections to mount flexible food grade tubing for the nozzle runs.

NOTE: 4 plug spout style nozzles with flexible hoses  (Not shown)  are mounted
          on the nozzle bar which is remotely mounted above the food tray indexing 
          conveyor.  System is designed to operate at 30 trays per minute.   


* Interchangeable piston/cylinder sets up to 1 litre capacity are available.
* Interchangeable pump heads to suit a multitude of applications.
* Sanitary Wash-Down Duty construction designed for fast TFT Tool Free Teardown.
* Compact open frame design to facilitate installation & sanitation.
* System is designed to be moved with a pallet truck.  
* The AIV Actuated Inlet Valve has no external moving parts to ensure safety.
* All Stainless Steel Washdown Duty Pump Drive enclosure with 1 piece hinged
   & gasketed cover for easy tool free access all major operating controls.
* Overhead Hoppers or direct coupling to process or bulk storage units.